Personal Property


The following is a list of general rules and guidelines to be followed regarding Personal Property Taxes in Caroline County:
  • All owners of personal property are required pursuant to state and local law, to file such personal property with the commissioner of the revenue on or before February 1 of each year in Caroline County.
  • The Tax Relief Act does not eliminate the personal property tax.
  • Personal property tax applies at varying rates to the assessed value of tangible personal property, i.e., automobiles, trucks, trailers, mobile homes, aircraft, recreation vehicles, boats, business equipment, machinery and tools.
  • Recognized pricing guides and/or a percentage of cost based on purchased date establish values.
  • The commissioner of the revenue's office is the only office that has the authority to make an adjustment to an assessment.
  • Personal property tax examiners screen all returns. The office is online with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This tool assists in the accuracy of individual personal property assessments.
  • The Caroline County Board of Supervisors sets all tax rates.
  • The Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998 will provide for a reduction in your local tax. Unless the general assembly would vote otherwise. The reduction of the taxes applies to the 1st $20,000 of assessed value on qualifying vehicles. Taxes on the value in excess of $20,000 are paid to the county and not subject to the reduction. The reduction will appear on the county’s tax bill. Vehicles used for business do not qualify

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For assistance with personal property concerns, contact your personal property team member by phone, email, fax or us mail.

Team Members

Your personal property team members for Caroline County are: All examiners may also be reached by Fax at 804-633-3480 or by mail at:
P.O. Box 819
Bowling Green, VA 22427


The Commissioner always welcomes your comments. You may contact Mark Bissoon. Also, direct online assistance from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is available.