Real Estate Tax Exemption

Real Estate Tax Exemption for the Elderly and Handicapped Homeowner


If you meet the following criteria, you could possibly reduce your real estate taxes by up to 95% on the parcel of land where you reside:

  1. The owner of the dwelling must be at least 65 years of age and/or permanently or totally disabled. The definition of dwelling includes mobile homes.
  2. The total combined income during the immediately preceding calendar year from all sources of the owner and the spouse of the owner of the dwelling living therein and of all others living in the dwelling does not exceed $50,000. The first $6,500 of income of others living in the dwelling will be exempted.
  3. The combined financial worth, including equitable interests of the immediately preceding calendar year of the owner and of the spouse of the owner, excluding the value of the dwelling and land, not exceeding 10 acres, upon which it is situated does not exceed $100,000.
  4. The parcel shall be located in Caroline County and the principal residence of the owner.


For assistance with the tax exemption program contact:

The Caroline County Commissioner of the Revenue's Office

Real Estate Department

P.O. Box 819

Bowling Green, VA 22427

Phone: 804-633-9834

Fax: 804-633-8072