Economic Development

Caroline County Wants Business Investment

Businesses, Brokers: Here is why you should bring your deal to Caroline County, Virginia:

  • Location: 70 Miles South of Washington, DC - Strategically Safe.
  • Ideal Data Center location
  • Caroline has some of the lowest taxes on the Interstate-95 Corridor: $0.77 per $100.
  • Caroline County has fiber redundancy - the same as or better than the Empire State Building for many sites (Verizon, Comcast, Level 3, etc.)
  • Caroline has labor: nearly 1,000,000 employees and shoppers within 35 miles of its Interchanges. Visit our Demographics page for more information.
  • Virginia is a Right to Work State.
  • Caroline is the location for office and industry due to low cost sites, and low stress easy reverse commuting on I-95. Many commuters surveyed would accept a pay cut if they could remain in the region to work.
  • Caroline accesses four Interstate Interchanges on I-95: 98-104-110-118.
  • Caroline is ideal for distribution and warehouse operations due to proximity to Newport News deep water port, and Port of Baltimore facilities.
  • Caroline is only 30 miles from the Richmond International Airport and also enjoys proximity to regional airports and the air services of National and Dulles Airports.
  • Caroline approved building 10,000 homes in upscale residential communities.
  • Caroline has an expanding Military Base, A.P. Hill - Virtually BRAC Proof.
  • Caroline is the host community for the State Fair of Virginia, and Paramount's King's Dominion is only a few miles away. The fair generates 2 million visitors annually.
  • Caroline's location on Interstate 95 is serviced within a short distance by several hospitals and universities. Caroline is the pivot of the Golden Crescent

Investing Businesses

Your investment in Caroline will have good company. Already Caroline has recruited some of the best businesses in America:
  • WDC, Inc.
  • M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • McKesson Corporation
  • State Fair of Virginia
  • Value City Furniture
  • Harris Teeter, 1.5 Million Square Feet Distribution Center
  • Flint Development
  • Panattoni Development
  • Lingerfelt Development

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Caroline County, Virginia  - We Want Your Business Investment