Parks & Recreation


Parks and Recreation's mission is to become the best service organization for the producing of a variety of acceptable recreational programs that are affordable and diverse for the fulfilling of the physical, emotional, and mental desires of all citizens.

Community Outreach

In order for us to be successful in making this a healthier and more delightful Community, we believe it is essential that we take a collaborative approach.


This approach consists of you assisting the department in promoting and encouraging others to take advantage of the services that are provided on this calendar. Our department, especially in the youth activities, relies heavy on volunteers. This is for the purpose of:
  • Assisting in the growth and development of the children of this community
  • Displaying goodwill
  • Making a friendlier environment
We welcome all volunteer help in assisting with our growing programs. If you have special skills in fitness, coaching, officiating, health and wellness, dance, etc. that you would like to share, please call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 804-633-7277.

Register for Activities Online!  You can now register and pay for most activities online. Click on the activity that you'd like to register for and if available, choose to register online.

2019 Summer/Fall Activities Brochure

Parks and Rec Summer- Fall 2019 Cover Page small

Hats off to all of Caroline Parks & Rec volunteer Youth Basketball Coaches. Thanks for your time and commitment:

5-7 Div:

Stacey Howard, Buddy Herndon, Ryan Ross, Brian Jones, Keith Baylor, Troy Keller, Jasmine Chapman, Kierstin Mosby, Dustin Buckley

7-9 Girls:

Katie Forehand, John MacLeod

8-10 Boys:

Richie Brooks, Katie Brooks, Bradley Griffin, Shamar Griffin, LaVada Rollins, Kiersten Rollins, Ray Williams, Donnell Howard, Tony Keller, Matt Bradshaw, Jason Shannon, Jabrel Samuel

10-12 Girls:

Joe Cox, Anthony Gray, David Tuell

11-13 Boys:

Dave Fletcher, Steve Bufford, Koyar Coates, Mark Simms, DeWayne Holmes, Kevin Poole, James Reynolds, Greg Holton

14-18 Boys:

Rob Kenny, John MacLeod, Bobby Somers, James Sutton


Please feel free to call 804-633-7277 or email us with any new ideas and suggestions which could add to our programs. Our programs are for the citizens of this county, and we would like to hear from you.