Community Events

  1. Skateboarding, Arts & Musical Festival

    This event is organized for those who are interested in learning how to skateboard as well as the most experienced boarders.

  2. Park It!

    Take a break from driving and celebrate "Park It" week in Caroline County by visiting one of our parks to enjoy a day of leisurely activity. Prepare your self to enjoy the moment by utilizing the following facilities: skateboard park, basketball court, pavilion, baseball/softball field, playground apparatus, tennis courts, walking track/trail, or just hang out reading or listening to music.

  3. Kings Dominion Tickets

    Purchase Kings Dominion Tickets through Caroline Parks and Rec

  4. Celebration of American Flag Day

    Parents bring your child and become part of this historical ceremony which will feature children of various ages celebrating Flag Day. Children will be creative in bringing alive the meaning, design, purpose, and reasons to appreciate the American Flag. Wear your red, white and blue attire and let's celebrate.