Fitness Programs

  1. Funrobics

    Seniors and mature adults, your latter years can be better than your former by participating in this exercise class for social interacting and for preventing and/or alleviating unwanted pains in the joints. Come join this low impact chair exercise program that will improve your mental as well as physical health.

  2. Zumba Fitness

    Zumba is a high energy cardio workout that incorporates Latin and International dance styles that will have you moving and grooving the entire hour. The choreography is simple and easy to follow, there are only 4 steps that will repeat. Participants typically burn between 400-800 calories in a one hour fitness class. The workout targets the glutes, legs, arms, abs, and most importantly, the heart.

  3. Zumba Gold

    Zumba gold chair exercise is for active older adults that have physical restraints and for those who are looking for a modified Zumba class. Chair Zumba will recreate a lower-intensity while sitting in a chair. Come pull up a chair and start strengthening and toning your body.

  4. Get Movin'

    Are you looking for a workout that is exciting and fun? Want to meet new people with similar fitness goals and challenge yourself to become a better you? Get Movin' is 30 minutes of walking, strengthening, and stretching to keep those joints mobile. Work your body from head to toe with strength training and flexibility. Get stronger and learn to maneuver your body with weights correctly.