Creative Toddlers

  1. Stuffed Animal's Club

    Kids will enjoy a lunchtime filled with coloring, storytelling, treats and fun.

  2. Imaginary Friends

    Participants will design imaginary characters through the designing of puppets and mask making.

  3. Lil' Picasso

    Participants will learn colors and how to use painting tools to express themselves through the painting of a variety of templates for show and among peers.

  4. Parent/Child Open Gym Play

    Parents are you looking for an indoor A/C facility? You and your toddler can participate together to strengthen your relationship while you assist and encourage your toddler to complete age appropriate activity stations built to encourage exploration, motor skill development and coordination.

  5. Simon Says - Fitness

    Children will work themselves into shape by moving the body in conformity to the instructor in a rhythmic fashion. Participants will have fun shaping up to the historic game of "Simon Says". This is a perfect way to get your child active while introducing them to a fun environment.