1. Preseason Basketball Development Clinic

    Try our fall preseason basketball clinic. Clinic is designed to teach rules and basic fundamentals through team and individual drills as well as scrimmages. All levels stress teamwork, sportsmanship and fun. The camp will focus on shooting, dribbling and basic defenses.

  2. Winter Youth Basketball League

    Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the game: skills, rules, team work, and will have the opportunity to display those skills during organized game situations and practices.

  3. Adaptive Basketball Skills & Drills

    This program is designed to empower school aged children with mental or physical impairments. The game of basketball will be used to develop social, physical, and cognitive skills. Participants will learn fundamentals by participating in various modified basketball drills. This is a fun and non-competitive environment. All participants will gain an award.

  4. Hot Shot Basketball Competition

    Hot Shot is a fast-paced, timed basketball shooting competition. Individual players will have 60 seconds to attempt to make baskets from (5) "Hot Spots" marked on one-half of a basketball court. Points are awarded for each successful shot and a final score is calculated. After an appropriate number of rounds, the top scorer within each division will be declared the winner. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a trophy.