Social Services Board


The Social Services Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of even numbered months at 5:30 p.m. at the Caroline County Community Services Center Auditorium, 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, VA 22514.


The Board of Supervisors appoints a 7 member Social Services Board to 4 year terms  The Social Services Board provides local control and policy direction for the local Social Services Department.

Dr. Craig Beasley, Madison District Representative
7268 Clara Smith Street, Ruther Glen VA  22546

Patricia Wright, Bowling Green Representative
P.O. Box 434, Bowling Green, VA  22427

Joyce Johnson, Port Royal District Representative
13539 Stonewall Jackson Road, Woodford, VA  22427

Jeff Sili, Board of Supervisors Representative
205 Travis Street, Bowling Green, VA  22427

Mavis Lewis, Chair, Reedy Church District Representative
28053 Signboard Road, Ruther Glen, VA  22546

Betty Brown, Mattaponi District Representative
16574 Braswell Street, Bowling Green, VA  22427

Shawn Kiger, Western Caroline District Representative
627 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen, VA  22546