Social Services Advisory Board



The Social Services Advisory Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of even numbered months at 5:30 p.m. at the Caroline County Community Services Center Auditorium, 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, VA 22514.



The Board of Supervisors appoints a 7-member Social Services Advisory Board to 4-year terms. The Advisory Board provides recommendations to the County Administrator on all matters pertaining to public assistance and the social services related needs of the department. 

Karen Mason, Madison District 

460 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen, VA 22546


Patricia Wright, Bowling Green Representative

16184 Melville Lane, Bowling Green, VA  22427


Dr. Anne Garcia, Vice Chair, Port Royal District Representative

9404 Baybreeze Court, Port Royal, VA  22535


Nancy Long, Board of Supervisors Representative

201 Frederick Street #217, Port Royal, VA  22535


Mavis Lewis, Chair, Reedy Church District Representative

28053 Signboard Road, Ruther Glen, VA  22546


Betty Brown, Mattaponi District Representative

16574 Braswell Street, Bowling Green, VA  22427


Western Caroline District Representative


Powers and Duties

In accordance with the Code of Virginia, the powers and duties of the Advisory Board shall be:

  1. To interest itself in all matters pertaining to the public assistance and social services needed by people of the political subdivision or subdivisions served by the local department;
  2. To monitor the formulation and implementation of public assistance and social services programs by the local department;
  3. To meet with the local government official who constitutes the local board at least four times a year for the purpose of making recommendations on policy matters concerning the local department;
  4. To make an annual report to the governing body or bodies, concurrent with the budget presentation of the local department, concerning the administration of the public assistance and social services programs; and
  5. To submit to the governing body or bodies, from time to time, other reports that the Advisory Board deems appropriate.