Service Program

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fee for Service Program

EMS Fee for Service is a way for volunteer and career staff of Caroline County Fire-Rescue agencies to obtain financial reimbursement for the cost of necessary ambulance transports.  Reimbursement will come directly from Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurance companies who already include this service in the coverage.

Residents and visitors should know that no one will ever be denied service because of their inability to pay or for lack of health insurance.  Providing medical care to our patients remains our highest priority!


As a combined career and volunteer department, Caroline County Fire-Rescue is committed to providing quality service to our residents. For county residents, the Department is committed to ensure that you will not suffer financial hardship.

The County regards taxes paid by our residents as covering co-pays and/or deductibles for ambulance service, for all persons living in household paying taxes. Residents will not be required to pay any deductible or co-pay for ambulance services. Only their insurance will be billed.

If you are a resident and receive a bill for services not covered by insurance, please contact our office immediately to rectify this issue. Again, County residents are not required to pay any deductible or co-pay for ambulance services.

What To Expect

The process is similar to that which happens when a person receives services from a doctor or other health-care providers. First the patient receives the service - transport by ambulance to a hospital emergency department. Secondly, a claim is sent to the patient’s insurance provider. The patient then receives an “Explanation of Benefits” statement from the insurance company showing the amount the insurance provider was billed. County residents and tax payers will not receive a bill for co-pays and deductibles.

Health Insurance & Privacy Rights

You may be asked to provide insurance information by the EMS providers or by mail. Please know that your medical information and privacy is protected by law. Medical and insurance information will only be shared with those authorized to receive this information.

More Information

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Staff welcomes the opportunity to speak with you concerning our EMS Fee for Service program. Feel free to email us to learn more or call 804-633-9831.