Building Inspections


The primary goal of the Inspection department is to provide for the safety of life and property from hazards incident to building design, construction, use, repair, removal or demolition. Generally, this is accomplished through the review of building plans and specifications and by inspection of all aspects of construction to ensure that all new construction complies nationally recognized and State mandated codes and standards.


Additional responsibilities include:

  • Interpretation and enforcement
  • Investigation of complaints and assisting the public with questions or concerns
  • Issuing a certificate of occupancy upon satisfactory completion of a project
  • Meeting and advising:
    • Architects
    • Contractors
    • Developer
    • Engineers
    • Owners
    • Subcontractors
  • Proposing changes to County policies or ordinances in the field of building safety and regulation to County management and/or the Board of Supervisors.
  • Representing the County as an expert in the field of Building Code administration
  • Serving notice of violation on anyone causing a code violation and posting a stop work order when serious problems arise


The Building Inspection Office is staffed by six full-time employees: the County Building Official, 2 Combination Inspectors qualified to inspect a variety of building types and trades, a Plan Reviewer, and two Office Assistants to provide office support.  Overall supervision of the office is provided by the Deputy Director for Code Enforcement.


The Office is largely funded by fees charged for a new building, plumbing, mechanical and similar permits that must be obtained before construction can begin on any new building, renovation, addition or major improvement in the County. Fees are scaled to reflect the size and complexity of the construction that must be reviewed and inspected and, thus, the time that must be spent on it.

  1. Kevin Wightman

    Building Official
    Phone: 804-633-4303, ext. 1198

  2. Nicole Bischoff

    Phone: 804-633-4303, ext. 1458

  3. Donald Robinson

    Combination Building Inspector
    Phone: 804-633-4303, ext. 1823

  4. John Snyder

    Combination Building Inspector
    Phone: 804-633-4303, ext. 1298

  5. Jason Phipps

    Plan Reviewer
    Phone: 804-633-4303 x 1190