Public Hearings



The Caroline County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Services Center Auditorium, located at 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, Virginia, to consider the following requests:

SPEX-02-2023 –Champion Domain Beverly Run, LLC, Owner/ Warriors Heart Virginia, LLC, Applicant: Request a Special Exception Permit in accordance with Article XVII, Section 13 (Standards for Special Use Permits) and Article IV (Rural Preservation), Section 5.28 of the Caroline County Zoning Ordinance on a portion of tax map nos. 76-A-19 and 76-5-1 consisting of 175 acres out of 346.5 acres, more or less. This property is located at 20500 Devaysa Lane, Milford, Virginia, Bowling Green Voting District. Proposed Use: Therapeutic Health Facility. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan designates this area as within the Sparta Agricultural Preservation Area.

RZ-01-2023 – Woodlawn/Belmont, LLC, Owner/ Burleigh Residential Land, LLC, Applicant: Request an amendment to existing proffers for RZ-11-2007, Belmont North II, zoned Planned Residential Development (PRD) with conditions, (with a density of 2.8 dwelling units per acre), consisting of 184 acres +/-on tax map 83-A-1. Amendments are proposed in the following sections of the proffer statement: General: amended Generalized Development Plan, amend the unit types eliminating Age Restricted Units; Utilities: eliminate one-time payment for upgrades, eliminate water and sewer stub; Transportation: amend items 12-15 & 24 related to proposed road improvements and FRED service; Site Development: amend the schedule for issuance of building permits; Education: amend contribution for school;, Public Safety: amend contribution related facilities and land dedication; Fiscal: amend cash contribution. This property is located at the intersection of Moncure Drive (Route 716) and McDuff Drive (Route 705) adjacent to the Belmont Subdivision. The parcel is in the Primary Growth Area, Carmel Church Community Plan, and designated on the Future Land Use Map as appropriate for Planned Residential Development in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, Mattaponi Voting District.

Any persons desiring to be heard in favor of or in opposition to the above are hereby invited to be present at the Public Hearing. Copies of the above applications are on file in the Department of Planning & Community Development, 233 West Broaddus Avenue, Bowling Green, Virginia 22427.

The meeting will be streamed live on the Internet via YouTube channel Caroline County Virginia Government at the following link:

Michael A. Finchum

Director of Planning & Community Development