High Mileage Assessment Deduction

  • You may submit a copy of a state inspection report, oil change record, or receipt for repair on business letterhead which shows the make, model, year, VIN # of the vehicle and the documented mileage in order to apply for a high mileage reduction.
  • There is No threshold for mileage in order to apply.
  • A discount may not apply to all vehicles.
  • High mileage discounts are based on the January 1st edition of the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) official used car guide's mileage adjustment table.
  • Mileage documentation must be dated before January 1st of each year in order to apply for that year.
  • Once submitted, reported mileage data is carried over unless more recent documentation is provided.  We ask that you submit updated documentation each year in order to receive the greatest possible reduction.