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n the Circuit Court of Caroline County, litigants may, on behalf of themselves, file Civil Complaints and other papers allowed by statue, if appropriate.

There is no requirement by the Court mandating litigants be represented by a licensed attorney.

Litigants choosing to proceed as their own attorney (pro se) must prepare their pleadings, present them to this office and direct the Clerk or Deputy Clerk as to how to proceed.

None of the personnel in this office are licensed attorneys an consequently cannot provide legal advice including but not limited to the following:

  1. Where to file
  2. What to file
  3. Whom to name as a party
  4. How to accomplish services, if required.

Individuals who choose to proceed as their own attorney are subject to the same statutory requirements and Rules of Court as are licensed attorneys.

The state forms were designed by the Supreme Court of Virginia for use in Circuit Courts throughout the Commonwealth.

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office of Caroline County, Virginia, provides the forms for use by attorneys and the general public.

The Clerk's Office provides no legal advice.

Anyone who wishes to use the forms must complete and file them in the Clerk's Office upon payment of all applicable fees.

At the present time, this Court does not permit electronic filings for pleadings.

This Court does not provide forms for deeds, wills or powers of attorney.

An instrument submitted for recordation must comply with recordation standards as set by the Library of Virginia.  No fax copies are accepted.

Additional forms are available on the website for the Supreme Court of Virginia,  No form printed from this site is acceptable unless the first option (Print for submission to the Court) is checked.  (Other choices create a gray background which shows as black-out when scanned electronically.)  Any form that cannot be scanned electronically will not be accepted by this Court.  The Supreme Court website also contains a Deed Calculation option which allows individuals to calculate the fees associated with the recordation of instruments in the Deed Book.