Classes and Seminars

  1. Home Safety Seminar

    This two hour seminar is organized to increase safety awareness. Upon completion of this course, children will be able to identify at least three important points regarding home safety; appropriate telephone protocols, knowledge of first aid procedures, and be able to demonstrate the appropriate response to strangers.

  2. Let's Travel into Creative Writing

    Come with us! Enjoy while exploring during field trips, documenting your thoughts and observations for the purpose of translating into mini essays as directed and assisted by the tour guide and teacher. Discover your writing potential while on the move. Writing builds confidence, self esteem, character, and often leads to a productive lifestyle. By the end of each class, you will have completed a piece of writing, so come and discover the story inside of you. Bring a notebook and pencil or pen. Student will travel on 4 trips. Snack will be provided.

  3. Money Management 101

    Participant will gain awareness of the basics of managing, earning, saving and how to invest money. Participants will learn through fun games, visiting financial institutions, and practical matters. Snacks will be provided.