After School Fishing Clinic for Kids

Parents do you want your child to learn the essentials of fishing? If so, register him/her for this after school clinic to gain the basics of how to cast, catch, knot tying, rigs and bait.
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Fishing Clinic$0.00

After School Indoor Tennis

Get into the spring swing of things by coming out to this tennis clinic and learn skills such as how to use a racquet for hitting forehand, backhand, and overhead volleys in addition to learning how to serve and return serve.
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Indoor Tennis$20.00

Beginners Bongo and Rhythms

Do you have a child that is frequently banging on objects for the purpose of making rhythm to music? Then register your child for this class which offers them the opportunity to be taught how to play the bongos while learning rhythmic patterns.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Bongo & Rhythm$40.00

Boys and Girls Summer Basketball League

Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the game, skills, rules, team work and will have the opportunity to display those skills during organized game situations and practices.
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Summer Bball$35.00

Co-Ed Hockey Clinic

This hockey clinic is similar to ice hockey but is played in sneakers in a gymnasium. Players must provide their own equipment, including a taped hockey stick. Shin guards are required; gloves & mouth guards &/or face masks are strongly recommended.
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CoEd Hockey$35.00

Co-Ed Spring Softball League

If the Summer heat is too much for you to play softball then join us for the fall league. This is a slow –pitch league that provides great competition and excitement. Sign up now, limited spaces are available.
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CoEd Softball$360.00

Fall Soccer League 2019

This league is designed to enhance social development, teach and improve the various skills and knowledge pertaining to the game of soccer in a fun recreational atmosphere. Games will be scheduled for Saturday mornings.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Fall Soc Late$45.00

Flag Football Clinic for Children

This is an introductory non-contact clinic for children who desire to learn and experience the basics of football. Participants will be taught stance, running drills, exercises, carrying, hand-off and throwing an age appropriate football.
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Flag FB Clinic$30.00

Girls Volleyball Clinic

This program is learning the basic skills of volleyball such as serving, setting, hitting, blocking, line up formation, etc. Drills & skills will be taught. Early sign-ups will receive a t-shirt.
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Girls VB Clinic$25.00

Hip Hop Dance & Movement

This class is for boys and girls that are enthusiastic about learning dance techniques and movements to the mix of music for the gaining of confidence, sociability and instilling a fitness mentality into your child.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Hip Hop Dance$25.00

Karate (Isshinryu) 2020

Learn the fundamental techniques and the history of isshinryu karate, self-defense, discipline, as well as, stretching exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic hand and kicking techniques.
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Karate$40.00 Karate Late Reg$50.00

Kids' Fishing Day

Kids will have the opportunity to practice what has been learned about fishing by literally fishing off of a pier that extends over the Rappahannock River in the Town of Port Royal .
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Life Skills Development Camp for Teens

This program will offer a wide variety of skills development activities for teens in a safe, friendly, and supervised environment. Activities will focus on developing proper etiquette such as job readiness, mannerism, cooking, etc.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Life Skills $75.00

Line Dancing

Come on out and learn some fun line dances with other dancers. Not only is line dancing great fun, it’s also a great way to exercise. This beginners course will teach many different line dances to all genres of music.
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Line Dancing$35.00

Mighty Toddler Soccer Clinic

Soccer fun & fundamentals, non-competitive intro to the game of soccer & a great way to introduce your child to this popular sport. Children are randomly divided into groups & will be involved in drills along w/ playing small-sided scrimmage games.
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Toddler Soccer$25.00 Tot Soccer Late$35.00

Mother's Day Mother-Daughter Cooking Workshop

This class is designed to teach proper place setting and the benefits of nutritional cooking. Mother and daughter will spend quality time together while cooking a 3 course meal. All material and ingredients will be provided.
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Mom Cooking$20.00

Motown Tribute Show

Come go with us to see the Best Show in Myrtle Beach. Enjoy an evening of soulful entertainment, as you embark on a musical journey through the history of Motown, a genre that broke down social barriers and infused music of the 60's and 70's,
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Motown Show$280.00

Parks and Recreation Track and Field

Local track program promotes physical fitness & encourages boys & girls participation. It offers the opportunity for participants to advance to compete against others in the Central District of the State if they finish 1st or 2nd in the local meet.
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Track & Field$0.00

Piano Lessons

Participants will learn basic piano and theory in a friendly environment. The emphasis will also be on developing the student to be able to play basic songs. This is a 6 lesson course. Participant must have a keyboard for class.
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Pickle Ball for Beginners

This sport, organized for beginners, is a cross between two of the most well known sports, tennis and badminton. Pickle ball is full of fun and very easy to learn despite of ability.
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Pickle Ball$30.00

Step Clinic

Stepping or step dancing is a form of percussive dance in which the participants entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word and hand claps.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Step Clinic$10.00

Summer Exploration Day Camp

Enjoy arts and crafts, fun sports competitions, organized games, thematic special events, and weekly field trips at this enrichment camp.
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Camp - 7 Weeks$250.00 Camp - 4 Weeks$125.00 View More

Toddler T-Ball Clinic

This clinic provides the opportunity to learn the basics of the game of t-ball. Participants will learn through observation and participation in hitting, throwing, catching and base running drills.
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Tod T-Ball$30.00


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