Call In Bingo

Every Wednesday and Friday, receive a bingo number from Parks and Recreation, the first person to get BINGO, WINS! Must Preregister to play.
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BINGO Fee$0.00

Co-Rec Leagues

Assemble your team, represent excellence, and let's form community, in a fun and friendly atmosphere, as you participate in our various Co-Rec sports leagues.
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Team Fee$360.00

Fishing Clinic - Spring 2021

Learn the basics of how to cast, catch, knot tying, rigs, and bait. Participants will also be taught about various types of fish, and safety techniques and parts of the equipment. Fishing rods will be provided.
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Clinic Fee $0.00

Karate (Isshinryu) 2021

Learn the fundamental techniques and the history of isshinryu karate, self-defense, discipline, as well as, stretching exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic hand and kicking techniques.
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Karate Reg$40.00 Late Reg Fee$50.00

Small Steps to Financial Health - VIRTUAL

This FREE financial literacy VIRTUAL Seminar, TAKEN AT YOUR PACE, will teach participants how to effectively meet present needs and set future financial goals by: learning 6 simple steps to creating a budget, understanding the importance of a budget.
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Seminar Fee$0.00

Summer Exploration Day Camp

Enjoy arts and crafts, fun sports competitions, organized games, thematic special events, and weekly field trips at this enrichment camp.
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Tennis Camp - Summer Session 2021

Participants will learn the fundamentals of each stroke of the game: forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, and serving in addition to learning how to keep score.
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Tennis Clinic$40.00

Toddler T-Ball Clinic

This clinic provides the opportunity to learn the basics of the game of t-ball. Participants will learn through observation and participation in hitting, throwing, catching and base running drills.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Tod T-Ball$30.00

Track Clinic 2021

This track clinic promotes physical fitness and encourages boys and girls participation. Only running events will be offered; no drills that require use of shared equipment will be done.
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Clinic Fee $5.00

Youth Drama Camp - Summer 2021

The class will cover a number of basic areas for success in theater.
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Youth Drama$40.00

Youth Drama Club

Learn about the basics of stagecraft, along with self discipline, the importance of hard word, creativity, imaginative play, listening and observation skills, self-confidence, and the rewards of working together to achieve a common goal.
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