4 Round Trip Bowling

Parents, are you looking to get your child out of the house for a day during the summer? Round trip bowling offers transportation into various communities for children to spend a day with the Parks and Rec Staff and enjoy bowling and eating pizza.
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All Sports Camp

The camp is designed to give boys and girls the opportunity to develop self esteem, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and confidence in the following sports: basketball, kickball, and t-ball.
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All Sports Camp$35.00

Atlanta Dream VS Washington Mystics WNBA

WNBA action at its best. Do you enjoy the fundamentals of the game and team work? Then come travel to our Nation's Capital for a noon day game between the Atlanta Dream vs Washington Mystics
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Mystics WNBA$25.00

Beginners and Intermediate Soccer Clinic 2018

Participants will gain knowledge of the game, be taught various skills, and be challenged in fun competition and simulated games. This is a perfect clinic to get prepared for the upcoming fall soccer season.
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Beg&Int Soccer$30.00

Beginners Arts & Crafts

This class provides seniors the opportunity to paint, design and make projects provided by class instructor. If you have the desire to be creative while being sociable, this is the perfect class for you.
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Beg Arts & Craf$25.00

Boys' and Girls' Summer Basketball League

Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the game, skills, rules, team work and will have the opportunity to display those skills during organized game situations and practices.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Summer BBLeague$35.00

Co-Ed Softball League

Bring your co-ed softball team and swing away in this slow pitch league. Limited number of teams will be accepted for this league. Get your team and hurry out to register for this summer league.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Coed Softball$360.00

Creative Movement

This creative movement class features splits, turns, leaps and more for the development of coordination, flexibility, and strength. All movement will be done through simple combinations.
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Creative Moveme$25.00

Downtown Shopping/Luncheon

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the malls? Join us and spend a relaxing day shopping, eating, and touring the historic city of Fredericksburg with some friends.
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Downtown Shop$10.00

Fall Soccer League

This league is designed to enhance social development, teach and improve the various skills and knowledge pertaining to the game of soccer in a fun recreational atmosphere. Games will be scheduled for Saturday mornings.
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Fall Soccer$35.00 Late Reg.$45.00

Fat Assault Boot Camp

Provides a personal trainer, weigh & measure, nutrition & body fat analysis. Come & participate in group training where you'll get high energy, fun, & challenging workouts designed to burn maximum fat & tone your entire body in 45 minute sessions.
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Fit Boot Camp$149.00

Fire Rescue Camp

This is an interactive camp. Campers will learn CPR, First Aid, and Fire Prevention. Lunch will be provided.
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FireRescue Camp$15.00

Girl Power Camp

The “Girls Only” gatherings allow girls the opportunity to talk, to listen and to find support, as they navigate through the potential pressures and stresses of growing up.
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Girl Power Camp$80.00

Girls Volleyball Clinic

The basic skills of volleyball such as service, set, hit and block. Early sign-ups will receive a t-shirt.
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Girls VB Clinic$25.00

Happy Feet

his class teaches various step patterns to the sound of music for the development of coordination and balance and enthusiasm.
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Happy Feet$25.00

Hip Hop Dance/Rhythms

Wake up to hip hop moves, styles and dances. Students will increase coordination, balance, and physical condition while gaining confidence and rhythm. Participants will learn routines and have fun in this high energy class.
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Hip Hop Dance$30.00

Indoor Floor Hockey

This indoor floor hockey league will provide participants the opportunity to learn the basics of hockey and compete against others. Participants will be provided hockey sticks.
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Indoor Kickball League

Got a foot for kickball or just love to play this traditional game? Then register now for this league to have some fun with other kickers. Teams will be formed, rules will be provided, and games will be played.
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Indoor Kickball$20.00

Instructional Cheer for Youth

Our cheer class is designed to teach the basic to advanced concepts of cheer. We will work on motions and jump technique and cheer dances. All of our cheerleaders will gain strength, performance techniques and improve on showmanship.
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Inst. Cheer Yth$30.00

Intro Target Archery

Participants will be taught safety rules, proper use of equipment, and shooting techniques. Participants will be provided opportunities to target practice.
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Intro Target Ar$35.00

Introduction to Wrestling

We will concentrate on the execution of basic skills, motion, set-ups, leg attacks, escapes and reversals. Every technique taught will be drilled repeatedly to make sure participants are able to learn.
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Intro Wrestling$35.00

Karate (Isshinryu) 2018

Learn the fundamental techniques and the history of isshinryu karate, self-defense, discipline, as well as, stretching exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic hand and kicking techniques.
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Karate$35.00 Karate Late Reg$45.00

Kids' Fishing Day

Parents do you want your child to learn the essentials of fishing? If so, register them for this fishing day event that will provide the basics of how to cast, catch, knot tying, rigs and bait.
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Kids' Fishing $0.00

KidZ Science

KidZ Science is dedicated to putting the fun back into science and rekindling the love for learning through the making of simple science projects. Snack will be provided.
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Kidz Science$25.00

Let's Travel Into Creative Writing

Enjoy while exploring during field trips, documenting your thoughts Come with us!and observations for the purpose of translating into mini essays as directed and assisted by the tour guide and teacher.
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Creative Write$30.00

Mat Mania

This class offers the opportunity to learn the basics of tumbling, stretching, rolls, and balance. If your child is energetic and loves learning the basics of gymnastics "Mat Mania" is the place for expression.
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Mat Mania$35.00

Money Management 101

Participant will gain awareness of the basics of managing, earning, saving and how to invest money. Participants will learn through fun games, visiting financial institutions, and practical matters. Snacks will be provided.
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Money Manage$0.00

Moving to the Beats

Children will be instructed to move various body parts as they listen to various beats. This is a fun way to teach your child focus on movement of some of those parts that are least thought of.
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Moving to Beats$35.00

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Trip to National Museum of the Marine Corps
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Rhythmic Kids Dance

Want to toe tap, high step, and show slide to awesome music and sounds? This is a class for your child to learn how to move to music with rhythm. Great for summer fun.
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Rhythmic Kids$30.00

Richmond Metro Zoo

Trip to Richmond Metro Zoo
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Transportation$10.00 Adult$16.75 View More

Specialty Arts & Crafts Lessons

Participants will use their imaginations about awesome beaches and transfer it into making creative arts and crafts projects.
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Sp Arts/Crafts$40.00

Summer Exploration Day Camp 2018

Enjoy arts and crafts, fun sports competitions, organized games, thematic special events, and weekly field trips at this enrichment camp.
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7 weeks$250.00 4 weeks$125.00 View More

Summer Tennis Clinics 2018

Participants will learn the fundamentals of each stroke of the game (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, and serve) & learn how to keep score.
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Tennis Ages 4-5$20.00 Tennis Ages 6-9$40.00 View More

Tasty Treats Seminar

Does your child have a craving for sweets? This seminar will teach participants how to make some simple foods such as cupcakes and other treats.
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Tasty Treats$5.00

Teen 2 on 2 Badminton Challenge

This league will teach the basics of how to hold a racket for forehand and backhand hits. Participants will also have friendly competition. Go get your partner and sign up now.
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Teen2 Badminton$25.00

Teens FIERCE about Skills Camp

This program will offer a wide variety of activities for teens in a safe, friendly and supervised environment.
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Teens FIERCE$40.00

Theatrical Moments

Having problems with self confidence? This "Theatrical Moments" will open up the imagination and creative potentials through fun, games and improvisational acting. Theatrical techniques and the fundamentals will be learned and performed.
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Theatrical Mome$40.00

Time Matters

Do you want your child to become time conscious? This is a fun way to get them in that mind set. Participants will play games and perform activities to the tick of the clock. They will also make projects that are relative to time.
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Time Matters$25.00

Tiny Tot Cheer Clinic

Enhance your toddler's motor skills in a fun environment that will teach the basics of cheerleading such as chants, movement, stance, etc.
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Tiny Tot Cheer$30.00

Toddlers' Creative Summer Camp

Toddlers' camp offers parent & child the opportunity to socialize with others & enjoy art, music, & movement. This is a time to explore, discover, create & play together, while sharing the joys & challenges of raising happy children w/ other parents.
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Toddlers Camp$40.00

Traveling into the Past

This trip will provide you with the opportunity to visit at least 3 museums within our local areas to perhaps discover precious treasurers to store into your memory bank. Time will also be provided for tourists to have lunch at their own expense.
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Williamsburg Shopping

Start your morning right by traveling historic Williamsburg to shop, dine, and socialize with other travelers.
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Williamsburg $25.00

Youth Basketball Clinics

Camps are designed to teach rules and basic fundamentals through team and individual drills as well as scrimmages. All levels emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship and fun.
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Pee Wee Basketb$30.00

Youth Football League 2018

Youth development and instructional league. Games are played on Saturdays and traveling will be required for competition except for flag league. **Weight Limit Requirements Per Division, Except Flag**
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Tackle$75.00 Flag$35.00


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