3 on 3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament

This 3 on 3 half court tournament offers the opportunity for more of the traditional team play to come back into the game. Get your team and enroll now! Games will be officiated with score and time being recorded.
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3 on 3 outdoor$30.00

Adaptive Basketball Skills & Drills

Designed to empower school aged children with mental or physical impairments. The game of basketball will be used to develop social, physical, and cognitive skills. Participants will learn fundamentals by participating in various modified drills.
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Adaptive BB$20.00

After School Education & Recreation

Parents, would you like a little more free time? Enroll your child in this after school program. This is the perfect way for your child to continue their learning while participating in games and arts and science.
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After School Ed$20.00

After School Fun Land Trip

Participants will be picked up directly after school to travel to Fredericksburg to enjoy rides and games at Fun Land. Ride and game tickets are to be purchased by your child while pizza will be provided by the Parks & Rec.
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Fun Land Transp$7.00

After School Fundamentals of Art

Provides children the opportunity to have a day of fun being creative with art materials and painting. Children will have fun learning how to mix colors to come up with various color schemes and designs.
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All Sport Cheerleading

Participants will be instructed the basic skills of cheerleading and be introduced to the learning of various cheers, chants, routines, and jumps.
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All Sport Cheer$50.00

Art by Clare

Do you love to paint or want to learn? Well this is the perfect class for you. You will receive hands on instruction to paint a seasonal scene on an 8x10 canvas using acrylic paints. All supplies are included. Class consists of one day.
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Art by Clare$25.00

Auto Education for Teen Drivers (Seminar)

learn basic auto mechanic skills such as how & when to properly inflate tires, jumping disabled vehicles, responding appropriately to warning lights, recognizing wear & tear of brakes, importance of oil changes, learning various parts, etc.
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Auto Ed.$0.00

B.A.L.M. Outing

B.A.L.M. is designed to provide relief to parents and a positive influence to male children for their physical, social, and mental development. Participants will spend time among other children having fun, being entertained, & eating on a field trip.
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Balloon Sculptures

This program will instruct participants how to decorate a party or event with the use of balloon artistry. All supplies will be provided for the registrants.
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Balloon Sculpt$25.00

Basketball Alumni Game (1999-2006)

Do you remember your glory days and the fun that you had participating in the Parks and Recreation Youth League? You can relive those memories again by participating in this alumni game among others who played between the years of 1999-2006.
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Alumni BB Game$10.00

Co-Ed Fall Softball League

Description: Bring your co-ed softball team and swing away in this slow pitch league. Limited number of teams will be accepted for this league. Get your team and hurry out to register for this fall league.
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Co-ed Fall Ball$360.00

Co-Ed Volleyball League 2018

Assemble your team and participate in our adult volleyball league. Come out and represent your team while promoting excellence and developing your social skills.
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Co-Ed Volley B.$160.00

Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area

Take a ride with us to this historic area and relive the 18th century times. There will be plenty of food places for dining and shopping.
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Colonial Wmsb$20.00

Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Enchantment

Enter the dazzling world of Disney Magic live on ice!
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Disney on Ice 1$26.00 Disney on Ice 2$31.00

Diversify Sporting

Designed to give boys and girls the opportunity to develop self esteem, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and confidence. The participant will develop the following skills associated with each sport; soccer, mini-golf , baseball, basketball
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Diversify Sport$35.00

Early Bird's Tennis Lesson

Give your child an early start on learning the tennis skills. The clinic will provide children the opportunity to get excited about the game of tennis by introducing the game through inspirational activities.
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Early Bird Tenn$20.00

Family Entertainment Evening

You and your family can enjoy together a nice evening of laughter with entertainment from Lola the Clown. Entertainment will feature magic, balloons, giveaways and much more. Bring your child to be entertained that night.
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Family Entertai$3.00

Harvest Crafts

Do you want your child to get into the harvest season? Then this is the perfect class to register them for. Participants will learn about the season and become creative with making various craft projects.
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Harvest Crafts$25.00

Hip Hop Dance

Participants will learn the basics of hip hop dance and movement, coordination and agility.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Hip Hop Dance$35.00

Karate (Isshinryu) 2018

Learn the fundamental techniques and the history of isshinryu karate, self-defense, discipline, as well as, stretching exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic hand and kicking techniques.
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Karate$40.00 Karate Late Reg$45.00

Lunching for Social Security (Seminar)

Bring your lunch with you to this seminar whether you are a few months or a few years away from exercising the privilege to draw Social Security. You can learn how it works, how and when to apply, your options, etc.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Social Security$0.00

Money Management 101

Participant will gain awareness of the basics of managing, earning, saving and how to invest money. Participants will learn through fun games, visiting financial institutions, and practical matters. Snacks will be provided.
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Money Man. 101$0.00

Parent and Tot Finger Painting

Take time out to enter into the world of colors with your child. Parents will assist in the creative educational development as the child goes about using the fingers to paint various shapes and lines.
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Tot FingerPaint$20.00

Peer Pressure Management Seminar

This seminar will provide advice that is helpful for navigating through this world and avoiding negative peer pressures that lead to an unproductive lifestyle and possible depression.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Peer Pressure$0.00

Preseason Basketball Development Clinic 2018

Try our fall preseason basketball clinic. Clinic is designed to teach rules and basic fundamentals through team and individual drills as well as scrimmages. All levels stress teamwork, sportsmanship and fun.
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Preseason BB$20.00 Winter Register$10.00

Pumpkin Decorating

This fun class is for instructing children on how to be creative in decorating pumpkins. Bring pumpkins and supplies will be provided for the class.
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Pumpkin Dec$10.00

Punt, Pass & Kick Competition 2018

Punt, Pass, & Kick offers separate competition for boys & girls with winners being selected out of each group based on total distance of their punts, passes & kicks. A participant's final score is the total of the three skills (punt, pass, & kick).
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Slugger's T-Ball Clinic 2018

This clinic provides the opportunity to learn the basics of the game of t-ball. Participants will learn through observation and participation in hitting, throwing, catching and base running drills.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Slugger TBall$30.00

Special Pop Putt Putt Golf

This activity is designed to empower school aged children with mental or physical impairments. The activity will be used to develop social, hand/eye coordination, patience, and accuracy. The activity will be modified for participation if necessary.
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Pop Putt Putt$20.00

Teen Outdoor 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

This is a double elimination tournament for participants to display their skills in half court play. Bring your team to play old school outdoor basketball.
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  • Session Day(s) Times Location Age Participants
Teen Out 3 on 3$30.00

Winter Youth Basketball League 2019

Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of the game: skills, rules, team work, and will have the opportunity to display those skills during organized game situations and practices.
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Winter Youth BB$35.00 Winter Late Reg$45.00


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