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All-Sport Cheerleading

Participants will be instructed the basic skills of cheerleading and be introduced to the learning of various cheers, chants, routines, and jumps. Participants will be taught how to perform with the use of pom-poms.
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All Sport Cheer$50.00

All-Sports Camp

The camp is designed to give boys and girls the opportunity to develop self esteem, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and confidence in the following sports: basketball, soccer, mini-golf, and t-ball.
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Beginners and Intermediate Soccer Skills Clinic

A fantastic soccer experience for young children! Participants will gain knowledge of the game, be taught various skills, and be challenged in fun competition and simulated games.
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Beg&Int Soccer$25.00

Creative Movement

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Home Safety Seminar

This two hour seminar is organized to increase safety awareness. Upon completion of this course, children will be able to identify at least three important points regarding home safety
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Home Safety$0.00

Karate (Isshinryu)

Learn the fundamental techniques and the history of isshinryu karate, self-defense, discipline, as well as, stretching exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic hand and kicking techniques.
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Karate$35.00 Karate Late Fee$45.00

Let's Travel Into Creative Writing

Come with us! Enjoy while exploring during field trips, documenting your thoughts and observations for the purpose of translating into mini essays as directed and assisted by the tour guide and teacher.
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Creative Write$30.00

Lil' Picasso

Participants will learn colors and how to use painting tools to express themselves through the painting of a variety of templates for show and among peers. Parents are encouraged to work alongside their child while in this class.
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Lil Picasso$30.00

Mat Mania

This class offers the opportunity to learn the basics of tumbling, stretching, rolls and balance. If your child is energetic and loves learning the basics of gymnastics then "Mat Mania" is the place for expression.
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Mat Mania$35.00

Metro Richmond Zoo

Come and join us on this trip to the zoo and enjoy the variety of animals and hanging out among other tourists and friends. This zoo has over 2,000 animals for your observation. Limited seating
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Transportation$10.00 Adult$16.75 View More

Money Management 101

Participant will gain awareness of the basics of managing, earning, saving and how to invest money. Participants will learn through fun games, visiting financial institutions, and practical matters. Snacks will be provided.
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Money Manage$0.00

Parent/Child Open Gym Play

Parents are you looking for an indoor A/C facility? You and your toddler can participate together to strengthen your relationship while you assist and encourage your toddler to complete age appropriate activity stations built to encourage exploration
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Open Gym Play$25.00

Rhythmic Kids Dance

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Rhythmic Kids$25.00

Seattle Storm VS Washington Mystics

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Mystics Game$30.00

Skateboarders' Luncheon

Come to this occasion to eat food, meet friends and demonstrate your skills among others at the skate park. Competition opportunities will also be available during this occasion.
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Skate Luncheon$5.00

Stuffed Animal's Club

Bring your favorite stuffed animal and join the club as the participants sing and move to children's songs. Treats will be provided.
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Stuffed Animal$5.00

Summer Exploration Day Camp

Participants will enjoy participating in recreational games, trips and activities that make them want to say WOW! - May 30 - July 14, 2017
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Camp - 7 Weeks$250.00 Camp - 4 Weeks$125.00 View More

Summer Tennis Clinics

Participants will learn the fundamentals of each stroke of the game (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, and serve) & learn how to keep score.
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Tennis Age 4-5$20.00 Tennis 6&Up$40.00 View More

Teens F.I.E.R.C.E. About Skills Camp

This program stimulates Fun, Initiative, Energy, Readiness, Commitment & Eagerness for skills. If you desire to develop these life skills, get F.I.E.R.C.E about registering now. This program will offer a wide variety of activities for teens.
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Fierce Camp$30.00

Tiny Tot Cheer Clinic

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Tiny Tot Cheer$30.00

Toddlers' Creative Summer Camp

Toddlers' camp offers parent and child the opportunity to socialize with others and enjoy art, music, and movement. This is a time to explore, discover, create and play together, while sharing the joys and challenges of raising happy children
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Toddlers Camp$40.00

Traveling into the Past

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Youth Basketball Clinics

Camps are designed to teach rules and basic fundamentals through team and individual drills as well as scrimmages. All levels emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship and fun.
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Pee Wee BB Camp$30.00 Skills & Drills$40.00


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