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Posted on: October 1, 2019

Caroline County Rappahannock River Water Supply Project

Caroline County is pursuing a new surface water intake to withdraw water from the Rappahannock River to provide public water supply for the County and other potential local partners.

The County currently relies on groundwater for its public water supply. Due to declining groundwater levels in eastern Virginia aquifers, and more stringent state regulations affecting the Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area, additional withdrawals are expected to be limited. 

Caroline County is proactively planning to meet the community’s future water supply needs.  The County has evaluated multiple water supply alternatives as part of its long-term planning process. The Rappahannock River has been identified as the preferred source of surface water supply to meet the growing needs in the County for the foreseeable future. The County has conducted studies to evaluate the water quality and quantity that will be withdrawn from the Rappahannock River. Water will be withdrawn from the tidal freshwater section of the Rappahannock River near Olney Corner, pumped to a new water treatment plant near the Carmel Church/Ladysmith Water System, and distributed to customers throughout the County.

The County has initiated the permitting process to seek approval from multiple state and federal regulatory agencies for the water supply project.  The project will be designed to minimize impacts to the river and environmentally sensitive areas in the County.

During the planning and design process, coordination with private property owners throughout the County will be necessary for project permitting, wetlands delineation, archaeological studies, and topographic surveys. You will be notified by mail if access to your property is requested to support the project.

The Rappahannock River water supply project is critical for the County’s future and will ensure a reliable source of water to meet the County’s growing needs for decades.

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