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1. Where do I get a business license?
2. Where do I buy a dog license?
3. Where do I buy County decals for vehicles?
4. When and where does the Board of Supervisors (BOS) meet?
5. How can I rent County facilities?
6. Where do I register to vote?
7. Where do I get a 911 address?
8. Who do I contact about a County street sign being down?
9. Who do I contact about senior citizens programs?
10. Where do I get a septic permit?
11. Who do I call about stray animals?
12. Who do I call to get my road fixed?
13. How can I get on an RFP listing?
14. How do I find out who my supervisor is for my district?
15. Who do I call with a question about cable television?
16. Who do I call about tax relief for the elderly or disabled?
17. Where do I find information about tax rates?
18. Where do I take my trash?
19. How can I contact the Caroline County Board of Supervisors?
20. How do I apply for a job with Caroline County?
21. What are the hours of operation for County government offices?
22. Where should I go to research property records?
23. What laws and regulations govern land use in Caroline County?
24. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
25. What is a zoning ordinance?
26. What is a subdivision ordinance?
27. What is a Rezoning?
28. What is a Special Exception/Use Permit?
29. What is a Subdivision?
30. What is a Site Plan?
31. When is a building/zoning permit required?
32. When is a certified house location plat required?
33. What is a certified house location plat?
34. May I have more than 1 house on my property?
35. What is required on a (non-surveyed) plat plan for a building/zoning permit?
36. What are setbacks?
37. What is my setback (how to determine)?
38. What is an accessory building/structure?
39. May I construct an accessory building/structure before I build my house?
40. Is there a height limit for my accessory building/structure?
41. What is the maximum size for an accessory building/structure?
42. May I place an accessory building/structure in my front yard?
43. What is the setback for an accessory building/structure?
44. What is the setback for an accessory building/structure on a double frontage lot (a road frontage on the front and rear)?
45. Do I need a building/zoning permit for an accessory structure, which is less than 150 square feet?
46. Is a building/zoning permit required for a fence/wall?
47. What is the setback for a fence/wall?
48. Do I need a sign permit?
49. What is the maximum permitted size and height of a sign?