Planning Department

  1. 2015 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code Barrier Requirements (PDF)

  2. 2021 Virginia Construction Code

  3. Accessible Ramp Details (PDF)

  4. Agricultural Structure Building Permit Packet

  5. Alterations & Additions Permit Application Packet

  6. Boundary Line & Lot Line Vacation packet

  7. Building Permit (PDF)

  8. Caroline County GIS

  9. Commercial Building Application Packet (PDF)

    Commercial Building Application Packet

  10. Commercial Building Packet

  11. Deck Permit Application Packet

  12. Family Subdivision Brochure (PDF)

  13. Family Subdivision Packet

  14. Fee Schedule (PDF)

  15. Home Occupation Packet

  16. Land Disturbance Permit Packet

  17. Major Subdivision Packet

  18. Manufactured Home Permit Packet

  19. Mattaponi River Implementation Plan (PDF)

  20. Minor Site Plan Packet

  21. Minor Subdivision Packet

  22. Permit Exemption - Affidavit for Residential Storage Shed

  23. Planning Application 2016

  24. Pre-Application Meeting Request

  25. Residential Accessory Structure Permit Packet

  26. Rezoning Application Packet

  27. Sequence of Inspections for Mechanical Permits to Install Gas Tanks and Supply Lines (PDF)

  28. Sequence of Inspections Industrialized Homes off Frame (PDF)

  29. Sequence of Inspections Manufactured Homes on Frame (PDF)

  30. Sequence of Inspections Single Family Dwelling (PDF)

  31. Sign Application Packet (PDF)

  32. Sign up for Caroline Alert

  33. Single Family Dwelling Building Permit Packet

  34. Site Plan Application Packet

  35. Solar Energy Overlay District (PDF)

  36. Special Exception Application Packet

  37. Standards for Minor Solar Energy Projects (PDF)

  38. Typical Finished Basement Details

  39. Typical Deck Details (PDF)

  40. Well & Septic Permit Application

Treasurer Online Payments

  1. Pay Bills Online

  2. Pre-payment Voucher (PDF)